Ankit Love - Beethoven Burst (as seen on MTV and VH1 USA. Played at House of Blues Hollywood)

Download the house club remix for free by Ankit Love. Watch on MTV USA.

Ankit Love on London Live TV. War on Air Pollution Pandemic.
WHALE! starring Ankit Love (premiered at the Cannes Film Festival & one million views on YouTube)
Ankit Love on ITV News with Rags Martel. War on Air Pollution
Ankit Love - Spill the Milky Way (as seen on Pulse TV Las Vegas & Orange TV France)
AU79 Fashion Brand by Ankit Love
Ankit Love - People Are My Favorite Thing (as seen on Style-City Music Florida & Voice of America TV China)

Shot by shot remake by fan from Vancouver, Canada. Broadcast into China by US state funded VoA TV.

Ankit Love - The Emperor in London (as seen on AOL - America On Line)
Mist Magazine video directed by Ankit Love (5 million views on YouTube)

Soundtrack Electric Lightning Lady by Ankit Love.

Ankit Love - Why this Kolaveri Di (top 20 hit on Pulse TV Las Vegas)
Ankit Love Stand in London Mayor Election (Rajasthan Patrika, India)
Making Ankit Love's "Spill the Milky Way" (Barcelona, Spain)
Ankit Love interviewed by Lucy Pasha-Robinson (as seen on SW Londoner TV & BBC)

Image courtesy of Yui Mok/PA Wire via the Huffington Post UK.

Ankit Love on The Chrissy B Show, My Channel TV (GB/Brazil)
Ankit Love's Runners (feature documentary premiered at the Cannes Film Festival)

Soundtrack from the album Forever by Ankit Love.